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About Calavera

Calavera has developed a unique process which integrates the most sophisticated computer modeling and rapid prototyping technology with specific expertise in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgery, 3D imaging and 3D design.

Three dimensional image data from the patient's computerized tomography (CT) scan is imported, segmented and processed to give an accurate 3D rendering of the patient's anatomy.

Specialized software, an anatomical reference database and expert knowledge are used in modeling a patient-specific surgical solution.
Rapid prototyping technology is then employed in manufacturing custom shaping tools, skull bio-models and implants for a wide range of surgical tasks. This involves the use of RP systems such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Three Dimensional Printing (3DP) and Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining.

Calavera provides a number of services for the CMF market. One major application provided is computer based symmetry analysis and medical models created with rapid prototyping technology (RP).  Calavera uses this technology to create other medical models, generic implant onlays, custom implant onlays and design optimised implants.  The company also provides implant design consultation services and continues to research CMF implant solutions.

 What is Calavera?

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