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Custom Cranioplasty Implants

Cranioplasty implants are alloplastic inlays which are fitted precisely to the margins of a cranial vault defect to restore skull shape and continuity.

Modeling of custom implants for simple unilateral defects is based on mirror imaging the architecture of the contralateral skull and is a basic process which is widely available.

Reconstruction of complex or bilateral skull defects is much more problematic, requiring expert knowledge and a reference database of skull shapes.

Calavera has the unique capability of being able to provide a patient-specific cranioplasty implant for any size, shape or complexity of defect, including bilateral defects.

Cranioplasty implants can be provided in variety of materials to meet the needs and preferences of both surgeon and patient, including PMMA, porous high-density polyethylene, or titanium.

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